Top 100 Provider Nomination by Patients Select

I am honored to be a nominated Top 100 Provider. I received this nomination based on a testimonial by one of my patients, Jasmine. Here is what she had to say:

“Dr. Kan was my last hope. I was significantly overweight and my PCP was not working with me. I was put in for a referral to see a specialist since I was being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was over the pills and the “regular medicine.” Dr. Kan did a full evaluation – he looked at everything. His attention to detail and comprehensive exam even astonished my husband. Since working with Dr. Kan – who’s specialty is integrative medicine, specifically for those with Thyroid issues, I have lost 30lbs. But more importantly, the PAIN is gone! I was taking 1500mg of ibuprofen daily before meeting Dr. Kan … now I take ZERO. Dr. Kan’s return to basics has significantly reduced my overall medical issues. He is incredible and I cannot sing his praises enough!”
~ Jasmine L



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